Priority PassTM Select Lounge finder and membership registration

As a UBS Visa Infinite credit card client, you enjoy complimentary membership in Priority Pass Select.

Priority Pass Select membership gives you access to over 1,000 airport VIP lounges around the world. With the Priority Pass Select membership card, you can leave the noise, crowd and confusion of the public departure area behind for the peace and comfort of the airport VIP lounge.

The Priority Pass Select membership card is required for unlimited access to lounges.

Please allow 10-14 days for receipt of membership materials.

UBS Visa Infinite credit card information

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Declaration statement:

I understand that my Priority Pass Select membership is provided through my UBS Visa Infinite credit card and that it is subject to renewal on an annual basis. I understand that I must present a valid Priority Pass Select membership card to gain entry into participating lounges and I agree to abide by the conditions of use as described on

I confirm that I have read, understand and accept the above declaration.

Renewal terms and conditions are at the discretion of UBS Bank USA and Priority Travel Group (the issuer of the Priority Pass Select). Priority Pass Ltd has the right to refuse membership to people who are employed by or contracted to an airline, airport or a government in respect of airline or airport security.

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